About us

About us
About Us
Ledra Estates ('Ledra') is a real estate agency and management company, concentrating and trading exclusively properties which are listed (historic preserved properties) or built with the traditional cypriot architecture or are of architectural value in Cyprus.

Since 2007 - 2019, Ledra was proudly involved in the refurbishment and management of a large private portfolio of properties situated within the walled city of Nicosia, namely Ledra Properties. For over 12 years Ledra has been managing a significant portfolio in size of all types of properties (houses, flats, offices, shops, entertainment), which have been refurbished and rented out to professionals for both their housing and professional needs. Since September 2019, Ledra has extended its services to other private owners of such properties all over Cyprus.

Under the Umberlla of Ninos Karis Property Consultants, Ledra acts as a fully lisecensed estate agent (Reg. no 982) promoting for sale or rent, management, refurbishement and offering private consultation exclusively for listed historic properties in all areas of Nicosia and slowly expanding to other areas of Cyprus. 

Vision & Mission
What makes Ledra a leader in its field, is the uniquness of its operation, solely refurbishing, managing and trading, for more than a decade, listed buildings of historical and architectural interest. These buildings have been restored to their original condition and most of the times their original use, before they were rented out to a selected clientelle for either residential or commercial purposes.

Ledra through its services, aims to contribute in the restoration, preservation and the promotion for the proper use of all listed properties. Ledra's aim is to provide, promote and manage all types of accommodation for all those who want to live in and experience the historic listed living. After properly restoring them, these properties need to be promoted to the appropriate clientele who will appreciate the value of history and architecture and who will also use it with respect.

Ledra's mission statement is that our culture and history must be preserved. This can be achieved by restoring our buildings and architecture especially in the core of our capital, in the old medieval city, as well as in other historic areas throughout the island. Our heritage must be preserved and restored for future centuries and generations to come.

Ledra Estates - Historic Listed Living